Friday, March 13, 2009

One-woman door-to-door campaign against hunger

In a letter to the Food Bank, Clayton resident, Anna Chan says, "I am a one-woman door-to-door campaign against hunger. In less than one-month, I have personally harvested 1,500+ pounds of citrus from local trees in Concord and Clayton. There is no end in sight. If time allows, it will reach into multiple thousands of pounds of fruit collected. I am hoping to spread the word about my efforts, to spread awareness that fresh produce is accepted at local food pantries." Read more about Anna's efforts in the following local news:

March 11, 2009 Diablo Magazine

February 16, 2009 Mister Writer blog

February 16, 2009 Soccer Mom blog

And to Anna we would like to say: you are fantastic! On behalf of the Food Bank, our member agencies, and the 98,000 we help feed each month, thank you for your efforts. You set a great example for others in our community. What an outstanding, community-minded neighbor.


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